Saturday, March 14, 2015

We've left on our Mission to Uganda

We've Left on our mission

The sign on the door when we left the Missionary Training Center in Provo said, "We've left on our mission!" The time has gone so fast. Five short days of training hardly seemed enough, yet we feel very ready for whatever awaits us starting tomorrow when we reach Uganda. We feel prepared to teach, to lead, to find, or what ever we are asked to soon as we stop coughing.

I developed a nasty cold as we arrived at the MTC. Coughed my guts out every night. Woke up one night and thought I was going to drown in my own mucus. One day I had to leave our training lesson in a coughing spasm that could be heard all over the building. I couldn't breathe for about five minutes. On Wednesday I passed my affliction on to Eileen and she was right down most of the weekend we were with Burton and Savannah's. We are somewhat better now that we are on our way to the mission field. Only coughing occasionally And only 1 major coughing fit from. Me last night between Dallas and London but I covered my mouth real good and most of the people were sleeping so it wasn't a big disturbance and I got some water from the flight attendant which settled me right down.

Getting there is quite the adventure. Three hour flight from Salt Lake to Dallas, 2 hour layover followed by 9 hour flight to London Heathrow; a 5 hour layover and now we are on a 12 hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. Sadly it is night so we can't see the beautiful Sahara Desert as we fly over. It looks like a beautiful sand painting.

We'll be touching Down in Johannesburg about 6 a.m. Then we’ll be taking our last flight half way back up the African continent to Entebbe, Uganda. Entebbe International Airport is actually on a peninsula that juts out into famous Lake Elizabeth. I hope we see some pink flamingos as we land.

The airport is 37 miles from Kampala where the mission office is. We have still had no communication about whether we will be picked up there so if there is no e-mail when we get to Jo'berg we will just go on faith and hope that someone in a white shirt, wearing a black name tag will meet us in the arrival hall after we clear customs with our 4 suitcases. It's all just part of the adventure.

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