Monday, July 18, 2016

3 Baptisms

New Members of Shoal Creek Ward
We're not proselyting missionaries by any means. We are MLS missionaries which stands for Member & Leadership Support. In terms of working with refugees that means we are all over the map as far as what we do. We get them to the doctor. We help them fill out job applications when they can't read or write. We get them to immigration attorneys to work out visa or citizenship issues. We teach with the young missionaries when needed. We teach some to read, and more. We cheer them on during the conversion process and we attend their baptisms when they are ready. We have had 3 baptisms so far and will have our 4th this Saturday, July 23.
Geortund was the first. She's from the Republic of Congo
 We got a text message referral from Salt Lake on April 9th or so. It looked like a normal referral for a Book of Mormon. It just said she is a "French speaker." A minute or two later we got a second text that said, "She would like to be baptized on April 23rd." So we scrambled to get her a French copy of the Book of Mormon and get her hooked up with Elders Herriott and Christman and our go to French translator Jim Law who is a Ph.D. student in French Linguistics at University of Texas. Geortund was one of those "golden contacts" that missionaries dream about. She was already converted from on line conversations she had with online missionaries in Salt Lake. We helped teach her a few times and she was baptized in French by Brother Law.
The Audetuyi Family from Nigeria were next!  
 Bishop Anderson was smiling as the Audetuyi (Ah-dee-too-ee) family was baptized after attending every meeting and activity since October. I baptized the mother, Veronica. Elders Herriott and Christman baptized Jennifer, Joseph and Daniel. The father, Rufus, will be baptized this Saturday, July 23rd by his son Joseph who is a 17 year old Priest. We see great potential from this family as leaders where ever they go.
Kiki Auguste, a 17 year old young man from Haiti
Kiki (Kee-kee) came to Austin with his mother Natasha about 6 months ago. Natasha joined the Church in Haiti several years ago and came to live with her mother Marie Alexis. Neither Natasha or Kiki speak English. Being from Haiti they speak French Creole. We have French translation in our meetings for those who speak only French. Kiki is learning English at school and he does speak some but it's summer now progress right now. He was baptized in French by Brother Law.


  1. Hello Dear Friends, this morning I realized your mission will be ending in September. Just 7 months before my own. Although you probably already know I share your posts on the Pittsburg Ward R.S. FB page, you have missed hearing the joy and excitement each member shows when they read Dan's posts. We look forward to seeing you both!

  2. Yes I miss you both and look forward to seeing again in the future after fist of year I hope.