Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rose and Kojo

Meet our friends from Ghana

It was just before Christmas that we stopped at McDonald's for a bite to eat. As I was looking for a seat I noticed a young boy sitting by himself in a kind of isolated table. He looked all alone with just a book of Bible Stories for Children beside him. It looked like a scene I have seen in other countries of children who's parents have no child care and I knew school was out for the holidays. He sat very quietly. The thought came to me, "That boy is from Africa and he is waiting for his mom to get off work." We finished our meal and were headed for the door but when I passed the boy again I said, "How ya doin' young man?" "Fine" he replied. I heard the hint of an accent so I asked, "Where are ya from?" He hesitated as he said, "Ghana." He was waiting for his mother to get off work at 4 o'clock. It was now about 2 p.m.

We stopped in at that same McDonald's several times when we were in that part of the city just to see if that little boy was there. But he never was. Then one day in April we stopped in just to get a drink. But on our way out I felt a need to step around the corner just to see if by chance the boy might be there while Eileen made her way to the car. To my surprise the boy wasn't there but a dark skinned black woman was sitting at the table eating her lunch. "That's his mother" I thought as I looked at her black McDonald's uniform. I didn't know what to do so I just said, "Are you havin' a good day today?" She said she was having a nice day. But I had to know--was she the mother of the boy. So I asked, "Are you from Ghana by chance?" Her eyes brightened, she smiled and I new we were about to have a discussion about Africa. She was in fact the mother of the boy and a very religious woman who spoke about her church. We talked for several minutes and I knew I had to get Eileen involved in the conversation so I went to the car and got her.

We continued to talk when the door opened and in walked the little boy we had seen in December. He smiled when he saw us. He remembered us and he sat down next to his mom. We talked until his mom had to go back to work. Her name is Rose and his is Kojo. Before we left I asked if I could take their picture and promised to make a print for her.

It took a while but I printed the picture and Eileen found a nice from for a buck at Goodwill. We put the picture in the frame and stopped at McDonald's a few more times but Rose was never there. Then at last we stopped and saw Rose. Eileen gave her the picture and she said, "It's beautiful and kissed the frame. She was very pleased to have a picture of her and her beautiful boy. She will be a special friend for life.

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