Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ants Make Good Eatin' they say

Ants Make Good Eatin’ they say
We came upon some kids one day on our way to visit a member of the Branch. They looked like they were having a great time catching something. On examination we saw they were flying ants and there were thousands of them for some reason. Kids were catching them easily and eating them. They were also saving some to snack on later. Some of the flying critters were trapped under a piece of mosquito netting; apparently cut from a bed net used to protect people from malaria mosquitos. A bunch more were in a coffee cup. We didn’t try any but we understand they taste like chicken!!
Girls catch flying ants to snack on

Don't these look tasty? Almost enough for a meal.

A bed net with a hole this big won't keep malaria mosquitoes out

Catchin' 'em is only half the fun.  
Eatin' 'em is the best part!

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